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Hello everyone, all of you may be wondering why there had been no updates as so far of three weeks. Admittedly, after all of these years of devotion and work into the comic had been absolutely great. A lot of jokes, contents, memories, and pages were made for the comic in the past five to seven years. It definitely wasn't easy to make this comic run for so long.

Although, I bring a slightly disappointing news. I have attempting to make the comic page at least several times in the past few weeks... and I can't bring myself to do it. Even when I already finished my script for two to three years ago. It's the matter of my body refusing to do work. The whole year had been a blur, and it's been a bit depressing for me. I never had a bit of time to myself, I had to work on comics during my free time. When I finish a comic, my day is 1/3rd over, and I have to spend the rest of it doing errands or cook meals. Not to mention that I also have work that span over four to five days a week. It doesn't even help that after Thanksgiving, I would have to start working 6 days a week on Black Friday until the end of January. It sucks, it just sucks right now for me to actually squander up the energy to produce a comic per week.

For the first time in YEARS, I will have to officially announce that I am on a hiatus until further notice. No, this is not the end of this long comic, if I end it now... all of my efforts to work on it would have been for naught.

Do not worry, it will take some time, but we will return with more comics after the holidays!

(I may be posting more news or custom pages sometime soon. I'll post a notification about it eventually.)

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